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Calories aren't Just Calories

Oh, you didn't know? That's okay, you aren't alone.

Most people think that if you count your calories (calories in vs. calories out) you will become a lean, mean, fitness machine or at least drop the 20+ lbs you've put on over the years. It may work for a little while, but then you start to plateau, lose motivation, and you find yourself fat again. This leads me to the point that food is much more than a calorie.

How does food actually affect your body?

The value of a calorie outside of the body (on your plate) doesn't hold the same value inside of your body (after you eat it). Your body considers food as information. Its like a script for an action film. Food is the director and your body parts are the actors.

The director (food) tells the actors (organs and cells) how to perform. Meaning, when we eat, we are really delivering messages. Do this. Don't do this. Release this hormone. Don't release this hormone. Basically, every food choice is an opportunity to direct, shape and remake our health, our body composition and our well being.

Food contains macronutrients, micronutrients, phytochemicals, zoochemicals, water and more.

Macronutrients are proteins, carbs and fats aka energy sources and calories.

Micronutrients are your vitamins and minerals. Without these nutrients you will be malnourished, sick and/or feel like death.

Phytochemicals help protect DNA against free radicals, help protect against cancer (count me in), decrease risk of heart disease and help reduce overall mortality. These are found in your plant foods, like fruits and vegetables.

Zoochemicals are sources of DHA, EPA, CLA and creatine. These chemicals help reduce risk of type 2 diabetes, cancer, inflammation, depression, attention deficit and so many others. These are found in animal foods, like meats, fish and eggs.

So what's my point?

To get these nutrients you need to eat REAL foods aka PALEO.

I was once told by a "nutritionist" that if I burned 2000 calories a day and ate 1500 calories of lard, I would still lose weight. What?! Even if I did lose some weight, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't live very long.

Yes, there are few calories in things like Special K bars, Lean Cuisine and some of those other processed foods, but I know for certain that your body doesn't operate like it should when it gets something fake like that.

Think long term, think big picture, think 20 years from now.

What do you want your life to be like? What do you want to look like? Do you still want to be malnourished by eating fake foods? Or do you want be be eating real foods? Foods you were meant to eat. God didn't create animals and plants for us to go buy dag on meals that don't have an expiration date of 5 years from now - or that doesn't even have an expiration date.

Start today. Start

with your next meal. Eat something your body will thank you for. You're always one meal away from getting back on track.