Developing Healthy Relationships with Food



We are breaking the cycle of the fad diet by redefining what it takes to develop a healthy relationship with food while getting you to your optimal performance and body composition goals.

Our Core Values:

Memories over macros.  Making memories and experiences are more important than the food choices you have already planned.

Teaching people to love the best version of themselves.  We teach people they cannot become someone else, only their own best version.

Micros over macros.  We believe that quality foods are more important that just “hitting numbers”.

Client centered coaching.  We put our clients needs first.

Happiness and confidence is our overall goal for our client.  They should be energized and full of life.

Eat to live, not live to eat.  Our program should match the individuals lifestyle not completely overthrow it.


Nutritional Coaching

We offer habit based nutritional coaching based off of what our client can handle not what we want them to handle.  We do this through accountability and using our nutritional progression model.  This client centered coaching style can help develop any individual to reach their goals.

Green Goodness


We check in with our clients on a weekly basis to make sure they're staying on track.


We set attainable habit goals weekly that help with long term success.

On the Scales
Green Smoothie

Customized Plans

We give our clients a personalized macronutrient prescription based on their goals.

Be done with the latest fad diet and let us help you create new habits through accountability.


What Clients Are Saying

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This nutrition regimen has finally brought me to be the best version of myself.  I always tried to outtrain my diet and I was wearing myself out.  I would eat really, really clean then binge eat when I couldn't take it anymore mentally, and it became a vicious cycle that I couldn't get out of. Once I finally found balance in my eating and stayed consistent, I was able to reach my goals.  I started my journey in 2007(pic on the left) and got to my goal in 2014(pic on the right).  Our goal in this program is to teach people how we were successful, through accountability and having the right process.  I eat my favorite foods like ice cream, cookies and all that good stuff still, but I've learned how to keep it under control.  I love this program!

Austin Aycock, co-founder of Stabilized Nutrition

Collage 2018-01-24 09_27_04.jpg

I have tried many different through the years, most were very restrictive and not maintainable.  When the diet would end I would immediately gain the weight back and then I was on the search another diet or challenge.  Through the methods of Stabilized Nutrition I have found something sustainable.  I feel like I can carry on these habits and concepts into my every day life.  It doesn't feel like a phase or new diet I am going through.  I am so thankful that I have learned how to reach my goals while enjoying the foods that I love.

Kelley Rodgers, co-founder of Stabilized Nutrition


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